19-21 MAY 2022 – BEETHOVEN IX

Beethoven was born 251 years ago and his work still resonates with contemporary composers. We begin this evening with a refreshing drink: Frederik Neyrinck presents a new choral work, with text from the first article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the revolutionary ideals that Beethoven passionately believed in. Then it is time for the ninth, because Beethoven’s last symphony is so monumental that the counting word says it all. This Ode to Joy is almost two hundred years old and particularly well suited to long-term maturation.

Article 1, World Creation – Frederik Neyrinck
Symphony no. 9 in D Minor, Opus 125 – Ludwig van Beethoven

Kaunas State Choir: choir
Eleanor Lyons: soprano
Katrin Wundsam: mezzosoprano
Daniel Norman: tenor
Sander Klemens: bariton
Benjamin Haemhouts: conductor
Casco Phil: orchestra

19/05/2022: Mechelen, Sint-Romboutskathedraal – 20.00u


20/05/2022: Antwerpen, Handelsbeurs – 20.00u


21/05/2022: Rotterdam, De Doelen – 20.00u