Arts are the mirror of society is often being said. However, although the world has changed a lot, it never changed so rapidly as, say, the past 25 years. Surprisingly, orchestras seem to behave to a great extend as if these changes don’t affect themselves. But it sometimes looks as if the world of Classical Music has been standing still, with a lack of innovative programmes and very little contemporary music. I am constantly looking for new ways and concepts in order to bring music closer to people through all kinds of projects:


Bringing music to a corporate level

Apart from the music making, I am an entrepreneur with a broad background in sheet music publishing business, through a long relationship with Hal Leonard, the world’s largest sheet music publisher. The combination of music and entrepreneurship is very fascinating to me since it’s so different and yet so connected.


The symphonic leadership project

Company Managers take place in the orchestra surrounded by players, making comparisons between leading a company and leading an orchestra as a conductor. Topics like ‘non verbal communication’, ‘team spirit’, ‘engagement’ and ‘authentic behaviour’ are latterly demonstrated acoustically.

A real eye opener for some of the best and most successful Senior Managers.


Bringing music to children

Only 30 % of our children up to 5 years old gets acquainted with classical music in our schools. That means 70% is left behind. Governments are funding lots of organisations and orchestra’s but often forget to feed the bottom of the cultural chain: our kids.


A bit of Beethoven & Café Classique

With ‘A bit of Beethoven’ and ‘Café Classique’ I go into schools, talking about instruments, bringing 5 or more players with me. A joyful and interesting way to teach young kids about classical music and learning an instrument.

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