Stella Chen © Fay Fox

When Beethoven released his Violin Concerto for a select audience of friends, he had composed almost nothing for that instrument. That explains the rather large role of the orchestra, which here enters into an extensive dialogue with the soloist. Thus Beethoven transcended the traditional dichotomy between soloist and orchestra and created an exquisitely polished symphonic masterpiece. His Fifth Symphony is also a milestone in the symphonic repertoire. The whole work is punctuated by the well-known opening motif consisting of only four notes: short-short-long. In a constant struggle with this so-called Fate motive, Beethoven’s Fifth unfolds as a glorious musical chronicle, in which tragedy turns into triumph, and tumult into jubilation. We play Beethoven V on 20 November and Beethoven VI on 22 November.

(Marnixring Knokke & Turnhout Concert Society)

Coriolanus ouverture – L. Beethoven
Violin concerto in D, opus 61 – L. Beethoven
Symphony no.6, in F “Pastoraleé, opus 68 – L. Beethoven
Symphony no.5, in c, opus 67 – L. Beethoven
Opus for strings – M. Coppens

Stella Chen: violin
Benjamin Haemhouts: conductor

Casco Phil: orchestra

22/11/2021: Turnhout, De Warande – 20.15u