2024 marks the 75th anniversary of James Sidney Edoard Ensor’s death. The Ensor Year, to be launched in Ostend in December 2023, pays tribute to the Belgian grandmaster, innovator, inspiration and complex personality. The glory days of yesterday will be revived, with the true-born Ostendian as guide and signpost. A whole year’s worth of events: Kurt Van Eeghem is launching a new book about the period, fine musical moments are planned in Ensor Church and Casco Phil will become the famous Kursaal Orchestra for just a little while. In three concerts, we zoom in on as many aspects of these wonder years:

– SATURDAY 16/12/2023 – 20h – Ensor and friends – KURSAAL OSTEND – Alexandra Cooreman (violin)
– SUNDAY 21/0/2024 – 17h – Caruso and friends – KURSAAL OSTEND – Thomas Blondelle (tenor)
– SUNDAY 31/03/2024 – 17h – Elgar and friends – KURSAAL OSTEND – Stéphanie Huang (violoncello)

There will be three concerts with a varied repertoire. The work ‘La Gamme d’Amour’ by Ensor himself will be performed, as well as works by other composers who found inspiration in his paintings.