This festive season, Casco Phil will provide Christmas Carols. Together with the children’s choir BLOEMFONTEIN, we will build a carpet of sound that will keep you cosily warm against the winter chill. Our ensemble soloists put together a programme of great classics and unknown repertoire that offers something for everyone, with Estonian stillness expert Arvo Pärt at the centre of the bill. With their atmospheric choral singing, the children’s voices provide a unique crystalline addition to this music on a snowbed.

Bloemfontein: children’s choir
Benjamin Haemhouts: conductor
Casco Phil: ensemble

17/12/2022: Handelsbeurs, Antwerpen – 20.00u

18/12/2022: Handelsbeurs, Antwerpen – 11.00u

18/12/2022: Sint-Romboutskathedraal, Mechelen – 15.00u