The hectic existence was abruptly halted. But standing still doesn’t have to be an obligation, it can be a choice. Into the white light pushes the reset button: music that outsmarts time for a moment and makes you muse. Who better than Johann Sebastian Bach to lift a person out of the here and now? Supplemented by purified or contemplative compositions from the Renaissance, Baroque, 20th and 21st centuries. Casco Phil once again collaborates with the Norwegian violinist Mari Samuelsen, known for her daring blends of traditional and contemporary repertoire. In the limitlessness, soloist, conductor and orchestra find each other.

Sander De Keere (1992, Ghent) is a Belgian musician and composer of classical and minimalist repetitive music. Besides music for television and theatre, soundtracks for podcasts and his work as a radio presenter on Klara, Sander balances between composer on the one hand and performing musician on the other.
His debut album Primitive Structures has just been released on W.E.R.F records.
A quest for simplicity and slow development. That is the mission of Sander De Keere.
A search for what minimal music can mean today, as in: less in a world of ever more. Balancing between meditative and repetitive. Between conceptual and concrete.

Mari Samuelsen: violin
Sander De Keere: piano
Benjamin Haemhouts: conductor

08/06/2022: Leuven, 30CC – 20.00u


09/06/2022: Hasselt, CCHA- 20.00u