1-3-4-5-6 MARCH 2020 – Macht und Ohnmacht – Kultur & Kongresshaus, Arau (CH)

Brahms struggled with himself and his designs for a first symphony for 14 years, Beethoven’s shadow was too big. In 1876 he ventured to the public. A triumphal march through the concert halls followed, the impotence was overcome. György Ligeti created a monument to the Romanian folk music that reminded him of his childhood in his “Concert Românesc”. The four-movement orchestral work draws largely on folk melodies, but was still too modernist for the Hungarian communist regime in 1951 and was therefore performed only decades later. Although premiered just last year, Jeff Beal’s flute concerto would be the wrong term in contemporary terms. The American, known as a composer of music for the successful “House of Cards” series, has tailored a concert for flutist Sharon Bezaly, which sometimes creates dreamy melancholy, sometimes rocky, sometimes jazzy, and above all emotional pictures.


György Ligeti, Concert Românesc (1951)
Jeff Beal, Concert for flute and orchestra (2016)
Johannes Brahms, Symphonie Nr. 1 c-Moll op. 68

Sharon Bezaly, flute

Argovia Philharmonic directed by Benjamin Haemhouts