Music should be an integral part of every child’s education.

A bit of Beethoven & Café Classique

With ‘A bit of Beethoven’ and ‘Café Classique’ I go into schools, talking about instruments, bringing 5 or more players with me. A joyful and interesting way to teach young kids about classical music and learning an instrument.


The summer workshops Croque Malines and Croque Ostende are about connecting and inspiring children through music. Listen, learn and play …

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Music for young audiences

Children understand music their own way, freely and instinctively. To develop an audience that likes classical music, you have to start at a young age.

Stravinsky said ‘It is not enough to hear music, it must also be seen’. In his L’Histoire du soldat in particular, the visual evocation follows the dramaturgy step by step. A story which today is a century old but which still affects people of all ages by its funny, amusing and moving aspects.