16 MAY 2019 – Once in a Weill – Zuiderpershuis, Antwerp – 20:00

‘Once in a Weill’ is a fresh and strong evocation of Berlin’s pre-war cultural atmosphere and explosive intellectual productivity during the 1930s.
Mezzo soprano Helene Bracke and CASCO Phil directed by Benjamin Haemhouts present their Kurt Weill recording and welcome Drew Jacoby, principal at Ballet Vlaanderen, as well as author Lotte Dodion. ‘Once in a Weill’ is much more than a concert; it is a dive into the world of Kurt Weil in songs, dance and poetry.

Helene Bracke, voice
Drew Jacoby, dance
Lotte Dodion, poetry

Hosted by Kurt Van Eeghem

Audio: ‘Youkali’


Behind the scenes video


© Koen Keppens